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The Heart of an Assassin
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The Birth of an Assassin.

This series of assassin novels follows the life of a young man and how he transforms from an innocent child to a cold-hearted deadly assassin--an assassin with uncanny accuracy.

The story also follows the rise of the Giordano family as a single act catapults them into becoming the most influential crime family in the United States. Controlled by Felicia Giordano and her younger brother Fabio they create an empire unparalleled by any other crime family. As part of their life they are constantly hounded by the FBI and must endure tragedies and betrayal that challenge their abilities to stay one foot ahead of the authorities.

Simultaneously we follow the life of Tyler Santiago, who is raised by his uncle, a NYC police officer, and follows in his uncle's footsteps and later becomes a NYC detective covering the streets where he once lived. 

These suspense novels bring all of these characters together as their lives are intertwined.

Those who have read these murder mysteries have walked away saying they could not put the books down, that each chapter kept them on the edge of their seat, wanting more and more as they turned the pages.

To my readers: Please do not hesitate in contacting me and letting me know what you think of my books. I promise to respond to your comments, whether good or bad! Like other murder mystery writers, I appreciate clean comments. Thank you.

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Hell Train
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